Emilia Romagna flood, inflatable boats like Noah’s Ark to save parrots, dogs and cats

The Alpine Rescue also intervenes for the animals

In the race against time and high tide, on a day when the rain gave a very brief respite in the afternoon, the Alpine Rescue men reached the most isolated neighborhoods to bring not only people to safety, but also animals , with a moving love and care also for parrots, for cats, for dogs wrinkled by the rain and terrified of traveling on a dinghy that almost looked like Noah’s Ark. They did it sparingly today in Villanova where the Magni canal has once again reached its limit and the wheat fields have taken on the appearance of huge rice paddies. It is on provincial road 99, where Adnkronos has followed the operations of the Alpine Rescue, that the budgies of a breeder who managed to get to safety but unable to take them too, the dog Maggy, the cat Mimì “landed”. without which – says the old woman as soon as she gets off the dinghy – I would never have left home”.

The enormous amount of work of the Alpine Rescue technicians was explained to Adnkronos by Sergio Ferrari, regional president of the Emilia Romagna mountain rescue: “The operations began on Wednesday evening at the request of the 118 of Romagna and the regional civil protection. We involved the national structure which interfaced with the civil protection department to bring in specialized teams in the aquatic and alluvial environment in the territories of Cesena, Forlì and Ravenna. Other teams intervened in the lowland area, sent by the national civil protection department from Sicily, Calabria, Lazio, Abruzzo, Umbria, Veneto and Piedmont, operating in various capacities with crews, materials, cars, dinghies, dinghies to carry out the evacuations of people”.

“The most difficult situation ever in an urban setting – he says – was that of Forlì, where the water was higher and people were in difficulty. And then the situations in Cesena were very serious, where the teams worked accompanied by our specialized doctors in an alluvial environment characterized by strong currents. Surely this emergency did not concern only the plains, but the entire Romagna and Bologna Apennines. The situation was critical in the plains and, perhaps even worse, in the mountains”. ( by Silvia Mancinelli)