Emilia Romagna flood, Last Generation in La Russa: “We are here to shovel”

The president of the Senate ‘invites’ activists to join the relief effort. The answer: “We’re already doing it”

“We of the last generation are already in Emilia Romagna shoveling mud. We are among the people who are providing assistance. Ordinary citizens without flags, we are not looking for visibility”. Speaking to Adnkronos, Maria Letizia Ruello, activist of the environmental group Last generation, says this, responding to those who – such as the president of the Senate Ignazio La Russa or the director of TgLa7 Enrico Mentana – have invited climate activists to go to the places hit by the storm like the ‘Angels of the mud’ did during the flood that brought Florence to its knees in 1966.

“What is happening in Emilia-Romagna has affected us greatly, even personally. I live near Senigallia, a city affected by the weather alert”, says the militant. President La Russa has promised that he will convince the Senate not to bring civil action against you in the process for the soiling of the facade of Palazzo Madama if you go to the flood sites to provide assistance: “It is a cowardly blackmail. Call us Furthermore, guys, it’s pure paternalism: I’m 63. La Russa tells us: be good and I’ll remove the punishment. The latest generation – Ruello insists – is already in Emilia-Romagna but you don’t see it. My son is there, shoveling. He is one of many. We are a very small avant-garde. If 20 people sit down on the asphalt of the Gra to block traffic, you will notice it. If 20 people go to shovel, you will not notice it”.

“It would be easy for us to say ‘we told you so’. For the deniers we are like Cassandra or Laocoon, who warned the citizens of Troy against the deception of the Greeks.” “The fault” according to the climate activist “also lies with TV, which invites a denial scientist and one who tells it right in the debates, as if the scientific community were split in half on climate change. It’s bullshit. Next week three Last generation activists who glued themselves to the base of the statue of Laocoon in the Vatican will go to trial. We are hated like Emmeline Pankhurst, the heroine of women’s rights. But we will go down in history”, he assures.