Emilia Romagna flood, Laura Pausini’s parents clean Solarolo street

The artist in a post: “75+78. The example of a lifetime”

“Mom and Dad. 75+78 The example of a lifetime. Thank you for teaching us never to give up”. It’s Laura Pausini’s post on social media. The Romagna singer posted a photo of her parents as they shoveled mud in Solarolo, in the province of Ravenna, among the provinces affected by the flood that is bringing Emilia Romagna to its knees.


In the photo posted on Instagram, Laura Pausini’s parents – Gianna and Fabrizio – are wearing boots and holding a broom and are busy cleaning the road from mud. In another post, Pausini showed other photos of his completely flooded Solarolo. “This is my Solarolo. But today there are so many towns and cities in Emilia Romagna. Many are helping, and many, like me, would like to help but feel powerless because we must rightly let the police manage everything , as we were asked. We will have to rebuild, bring hope and homes back to life. We are united even from afar. I will keep you updated as I can. Like many of you, I too am waiting to communicate with relatives and friends. Me too like so many of you I have my home and my fan club completely flooded. Luckily when it all happened yesterday, they were empty. Forza Romagna my land”.

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