Emilia Romagna flood, reconstruction and restart: ready document for the government

The Region and the economic and social forces united to overcome the emergency. Tomorrow Bonaccini’s meeting with Meloni

Flood in Emilia Romagna, a plan for the restart and reconstruction is ready to be delivered to the government. The economic and social forces of the territory together with the Region, united to face the emergency phase and to set the conditions. Unity of intent put in black and white in a document (‘joint declaration’) which was signed by the Emilia Romagna Region and the business associations and trade unions, the professions, the third sector, the banking institutes, the signatory organizations of the Pact for il Lavoro e per il Clima, for emergency management, assistance to the population, economic recovery and the reconstruction of the Emilia Romagna area hit by the flood.

Document that will be brought to thegovernment attention in the meeting of tomorrow, Tuesday 23 May, which the president of the Region Stefano Bonaccini will have with the premier Giorgia Meloni together with the social partners of Emilia-Romagna. The table of the Pact for Work and for the Climate will have to be the venue for discussion on the main decisions to be taken for the economic recovery and reconstruction of the affected Emilia-Romagna area.

Emilia Romagna flood, Meloni: “The government is there, our job is to guarantee immediate responses”

Priority was shared the need for one timely appointment of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Reconstruction in full continuity with emergency management but also the establishment of an Institutional and Policy Committee and a dedicated technical structure, based on the experience gained following the 2012 earthquake. And in reality, already on Saturday, President Bonaccini issued an ordinance to set up the first management governance, as emergency commissioner.

Access to the resources of the European Union Solidarity Fund is also necessary to support activities related to the provision of public services, infrastructure restoration, first aid to the affected population. And also the identification of administrative and procedural simplification measures for reconstruction. Furthermore, once the first emergency phase is over, evaluate together with the Municipalities the identification of further actions to support them with regard to, for example, the suspension of mortgages, derogations from Pnrr deadlines, assignment of administrative and technical personnel.

As a strategic objective, the need to define a plan for the reconstruction and safety of the territory was shared. Once the first emergency phase still in progress has been overcome and the detection and assessment of the damages completed, it will be necessary to act by resorting to new programming and planning tools, including extraordinary ones, by creating a Plan for the reconstruction, maintenance and safety of the territory in contrast of hydrogeological instability, with particular reference to landslides and the hydrographic network.

Among the shared requests that of suspension of the deadlines for tax and social security obligations, as well as that of civil, criminal, administrative and tax trials, the postponement of hearings and the suspension of the deadlines for communication and notification of documents. The block on mortgages, recognized in recent weeks for companies affected by the bad weather in early May in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna, Ferrara, Ravenna and Forlì-Cesena, will now also be extended to Rimini. In these hours, however, the Region has taken steps to draw up a complete list of the most affected centers to which to ensure these suspension measures.

Finally, it will be necessary to make resources available from the regional banking system for the immediate liquidity of companies, also in conjunction with regional credit consortia. I also asked that they be filmed, even in remote mode, the training activities and, in connection with the Regional Scholastic Office, the didactic ones. On the side of road and rail infrastructureafter the point made yesterday with Minister Salvini, the necessary resources are asked to be put in place to guarantee accessibility to the territory, also for the resumption of economic activities.

On the front of liquid assets, it is required to activate a guarantee fund in favor of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises located in the territories affected by natural disasters and which have suffered damage. While, in favor of the workers, the ordinary assistance tools and the necessary social safety nets will have to be activated, with a specific measure for temporary workers employed in agriculture, as well as for seasonal, independent and self-employed workers.

Lastly, measures were requested for the restoration or compensation of damage from landslides to buildings, economic activities and agricultural land, as well as the restoration of the reclamation network.

An economic relief plan must be defined and adequate resources allocated to support households and businesses affected by natural disasters, as well as the granting of grants for the repair, restoration and reconstruction of residential buildings, for productive use and for public and private services.

Contributions also in favor of the temporary relocation of the damaged activities in order to guarantee their production continuity, and also in favor of productive, industrial, agricultural, zootechnical, agro-industrial, commercial, artisanal, tourist, professional and service activities including those relating to institutions and to organisations, foundations or associations having headquarters or production units in the municipalities affected by the calamitous events which have suffered serious damage to movable property and stocks.

Necessary contributions for damage to structures used for social, recreational, sporting and religious activities; and buildings of historic-artistic interest. Contributions also to individuals who live in premises cleared by the competent authorities for the costs incurred as a result of removals and deposits, as well as the resources necessary to find temporary accommodation.