Emilia Romagna flood, Rescue project from Ostia to Forlì: “Saved 200 people” – Video

The story of the volunteers: “Many those who still don’t want to leave their homes”

(from the correspondent Silvia Mancinelli) – “We left Ostia with a team of 16 people, here in Forlì we saved 200 people by taking them away from their homes because they were without electricity and with the risk of difficulty in getting them food”. This was explained to Adnkronos by Fabio De Vita, president of the Lazio rescue project aquatic rescue nucleus, who arrived from the Roman coast in the battered Forlì to rescue those still trapped at home and give aid to the displaced. “We took most of them to the Palafiera, where the reception center has been set up – he continues – but there are many who still do not want to leave their homes”.

“The passion for our business and a professional rescue that allows us to be employed in different situations. This leads us to come here from the capital” adds the councilor of the same association, Marco Marini. “We will stay here as long as the department requires. We work alongside the firefighters to safeguard human life, we do it with specific equipment and with intense training behind us”.