Emilia Romagna flood, Tuesday 23 decree law for aid in CDM. Meloni: “the government is there”

The executive is working to approve an aid package for the region plagued by bad weather as soon as possible. There is talk of a total of 30 million euros and various concessions: stop to tax obligations, deferment of mortgage installments and social safety nets for farmers

The bad weather emergency in Emilia-Romagna is about to arrive on the table of the Council of Ministers: the government is working on a decree law to implement immediate measures to help the region plagued by the floods of recent days. There is talk of a total of 30 million euros and various concessions, from the stop to tax obligations to the deferral of mortgage installments and social safety nets for farmers. The text should already be examined on the first available date, Tuesday 23 May. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, on her way to the G7 in Japan, connected by video from Alaska and followed the Civil Protection operating committee held yesterday, to take stock of the situation with Minister Musumeci. “The government is there, alongside the affected populations and the institutions in the area”, you said first of all. In the meantime, Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi made it known that the coordination of the ministries possibly involved in drafting the decree-law has already begun. Even if, he warns, “it is clear that an assessment of the interventions to be financed can only be made once the emergency has passed” (BAD WEATHER IN EMILIA, LIVE UPDATES-SKY TG24 SPECIAL-PHOTOS-VIDEOS).

Measures and aid for Emilia-Romagna

A first meeting in view of next Tuesday’s CDM has already been held. Several ministers attended: Nello Musumeci (Civil Protection and Marine Policies), Francesco Lollobrigida (Agriculture), Marina Calderone (Labour), Carlo Nordio (Justice) and Luca Ciriani (Relations with Parliament), together with the Deputy for Economy Maurizio Leo. One of the sectors most damaged by the events of recent days is certainly the agricultural sector. “We reason to put in place social safety nets for categories of workers such as fixed-term workers in the agricultural sector”, said Minister Calderone in this regard. Meanwhile, Lollobrigida is thinking about the future: “We need to start a strategic reasoning that will enable us to avoid the consequences of the floods”. Leo instead announced that “the terms for tax obligations, both for natural persons and companies” will be temporarily suspended and that an agreement has been reached “on the deferment of mortgage installments”. Nordio then said that he intends to propose “the postponement of the civil and criminal hearings and the suspension of the terms for contractual fulfillment and of all acts having executive force”. Prime Minister Meloni was immediately informed of all the measures, in constant contact with Undersecretary Mantovano and his entire government team.