Emiliano, the youngest son of Arturo Vidal and Marité Matus, shows his new talent on the internet

The football player Arturo vidal He divorced a while ago from the beauty influencer Marité Matus but while their relationship lasted they had three children, Alonso, Elisabetta and Emiliano. Although the athlete does not live with them, he maintains permanent contact since he accommodates his commitments to enjoy the boys.

on more than one occasion Arturo vidal He has shared for his more than 19 million followers from all latitudes the activities he does with his children as well as a large part of the life he leads in Brazil with his girlfriend Sonia Isaza while he is part of the Flamengo team.

In this opportunity Arturo vidal He commented to his fans that his youngest son Emiliano debuted as a YouTuber and asked Internet users to start following him on the video platform to see the talent of the 6-year-old boy. “Everyone follow Emiliano” wrote the player along with his son’s user.

Arturo Vidal’s request for his son Emiliano. Source: instagram @kingarturo23oficial

At that time, Emiliano barely had 350 followers, but after the publication of Arturo vidal that number rose to 1,500 and the boy is already all the rage on the internet. The clip with which the youngest son of Marite Matus It is called “First Day in Mexico”, it has a duration of 57 seconds and already accumulates more than 15 thousand views at the close of this publication.

On these days Arturo vidal He returned to training with the Flamengo team after spending Christmas with his children and enjoys the beaches of Brazil with Sonia Isaza. She will soon return to Chile to see her children who are currently in the Caribbean with Marité Matus and Camilo Huerta.