Emily in Paris 2, the trailer of the series with Lily Collins

The adventures of Emily Cooper, a young American grappling with a new life in Paris, are back. The trailer for Emily in Paris 2, starring Lily Collins, has been released. In the video we see the girl struggling with a serious dilemma. In no way can he forget the passionate night spent with your neighbor, Gabriel. It is something that, however, will no longer be able to happen, as much as I want it to.

It wasn’t just a blazing night for both of us. In fact, the two feel they have something for each other. For this reason the charming chef is unable to leave Paris, despite this being the initial plan. The situation is not at all simple, since he is engaged to Camille, who has since become Emily’s best friend.

Emily in Paris 2, teaser trailer

Emily finds herself at a sentimental crossroads. In the short video he explains how his life seems out of control since he has been in Paris. Emotions overwhelm her and she doesn’t really know what to do with Gabriel. In an ideal world she would like to be with him but she doesn’t want to hurt Camille in any way. He fears he’s becoming the kind of person he doesn’t appreciate.

Meanwhile, the city seems to suggest something, a very specific lifestyle: live for yourself and not for others. You have to act thinking about your own happiness and not grieve at every step, reflecting on how others may feel about it. Will Emily really be able to do this? To ignore the consequences and simply get carried away by your heart: “You have the rest of your life to be as boring as you want. But as long as you’re here, fall in love, make mistakes. If you only stay in Paris for a year, what the heck at least do it in style ”.

Emily in Paris 2, previews and cast

The second season of Emily in Paris will arrive on December 22 on Netflix, also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick. In the new episodes there will not be room only for the love dilemma linked to Gabriel. Emily will try to let go, finding herself next to Alfie. A character previously presented as a likeable and charming thirty-year-old. Born in London, he is somewhat reluctant to adapt to French customs. Something that also creates problems for the young protagonist.

In this second season, Emily is much more comfortable in Paris, which she has now come to know. She knows how to navigate the city better but it’s time to try and get to know herself a little better. She would like to leave the love triangle behind and focus on work but here’s Alfie. Rained from the sky during French lessons. Able to intrigue her and infuriate her at the same time. Ideal for creating a whirlwind of passion.

here is the cast of Emily in Paris 2:

  • Lily Collins: Emily
  • Ashley Park: Mindy
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu: Sylvie
  • Lucien Laviscount: Alfie
  • Lucas Bravo: Gabriel
  • Camille Razat: Cami
  • Samuel Arnold: Luc
  • Bruno Gouery: Julien
  • William Abadie: Antoine Lambert
  • Kate Walsh: Madeline
  • Jeremy O. Harris: Gregory Elliot Dupree
  • Arnaud Binard: Laurent G.