Emily in Paris 3, everything you need to know about the new season of the TV series

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The day that many have been waiting for has finally arrived: from today, Wednesday 21 December, the third season of Emily in Paris. The first two were a real success, which kept millions of people all over the world in front of the TV, who followed Emily’s story with passion, young american girl which she found herself having to settle in Paris, so different from his hometown. Filming for the third season began last June and since then the hype has grown exponentially to find out what could have happened in the fantastic world of Emily in Paris.

The plot of Emily in Paris 3

Everything that is known about the new season (without spoilers) is due to the trailers that have been released by Netflix. What is certain is that Emily has not returned to America, she has remained in Paris and is always torn between two different men: Alfie and Gabriel. The trailer also revealed a train journey for three, and those who are aware of what this means know that this journey can (and certainly will) have unimaginable consequences. One of the most eye-catching novelties of the third season is the cut of Emily’s fringe, a sign that she had distinguished her in the first two seasons and which, perhaps also to mark a break, disappears with the new series. For the rest, Emily will continue to be the usual character we have known, with her flashy clothes and her quirks, between one trip and another, a walk through Paris and a chat with her friends looking for her independence of her.

The characters of the third season

There will be few changes in the cast of the series, with the return of the main characters who in the previous seasons have contributed to the creation of the dynamics that have made the fortune of the TV series. There will be Bravo, Park, Razat, Leroy-Beaulieu and Walsh. Lucien Laviscount, beloved guest star of the first two seasons, has been promoted to series regular and will therefore appear more frequently in the new episodes. This means that Alfie will have an even more important role in the series and that he will be the protagonist of increasingly intense dynamics with the protagonist. The real novelties of the third season are actually two guest stars: Paul Formanwho plays Nicolas de Leon and Melia Kreiling as Sofia Sideris.