Emily Ratajkowski criticized for body shaming for posing in a pair of XXL jeans

A few days have passed since the last issue of M le maj, the culture and current affairs weekly published by the French newspaper group Le Monde, yet, online, the criticism directed at Emily Ratajkowski due to a shot that online users, including many of his followers, really didn’t like.
Ratajkowski is accused of body shaming to have posed with XXL jeansshown in its full breadth, a comparison with his thin body.
The photo, which is part of the photo shoot linked to the cover shot, appeared in the carousel of images of a post under which the comments – many of them defamatory – are now more than two thousand. The supermodel for now he is silent and does not respond to requests for clarification from those who remind her that it was she, in a not too distant past, who set herself up as a champion of acceptance of her own body.

The offending photo: the thin body and the fat one

Since he published My Bodythe collection of essays in which he addresses the theme of the female bodyconnected to that of image, consensus and self-acceptance, Emily Ratajkowski has developed real antibodies towards the way in which the public sees her from the outside, especially in the photographic images on which it is based, almost entirely , his work.
If she managed to emerge unscathed from seasons in which she was targeted for her nudes, photos in lingerie, those in a bikini and many other more or less controversial ones, the debate sparked by the photos with jeans seems different at the moment extralarge, the object of a pose that opens a reflection on fatshaming and the fatphobia.
Why pose in an outfit that the American top model could clearly fit in twice? Users ask. The comparison between a slim and perfect body (his) and what would fit into XXL jeans (invisible yet perceptible from the shot) it’s ruthless and Instagram users ask the model for explanations.
The tone of the criticism is heated and is part of a debate on the body (including that of models) which, after a season characterized by diversity, has not led to significant developments.
On the catwalks plus-size modelsa few years ago very present, they are gradually disappeared and even in magazines the thin (and very thin) ones have taken up all the space.

Users are calling for the snap to be removed

“It’s crazy that someone who wrote a book about the body and image would pose for a photo like that.” “I’m trying to really understand the purpose of this photo.” “You’re so thin, you can’t imagine what it’s like to be overweight, it’s not nice of you.” This is the kind of comments below the post photo by Emily Ratajkowski to which many users they ask to remove the photo with jeans and to apologize for having lent itself to a fashion shoot with certainly problematic implications.
The gesture of the model with the perfect body cannot go unnoticed in an era in which the image predominates in social interactions, with social media acting as a sounding board for a culture of beauty of which supermodels are representatives prominent.
Ratajkowski has chosen to ignore, for now, the wave of criticism but it is not certain that her attitude will not change, given the importance of the topic for her since she wrote My Bodywhich was a bestseller of New York Times of the season of her release and which earned the model the respect of fans and many feminists.