Emily Ratajkowski protagonist of the new genderless campaign by Marc Jacobs

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Emily Ratajkowski is not just a catwalk beauty, she knows it well Marc Jacobs who chose her as the face of the new one advertising campaign of the collection Spring 2023now unveiled to the public.
The model, who has been linked to the US brand since her debut in the fashion world, posed in a series of edgy and contemporary shots in which the spirit genderless of the creations of the American designer appreciated all over the world.

Emily Ratajkowski: the “it girl” of Generation Z

If it is still permissible to use the label “it girl” in 2023, then this is perfect for Emily Ratajowski, a central figure in the fashion system, of showbiz but also of global culture given the influence of his opinions conveyed through social media, books, podcasts and so on.
The 31-year-old raised in California is a landmark for women of Generation Z which take into high consideration the ideas of the model and former actress on the subject of feminism, body acceptance, freedom And relations.

Praised by fans and lauded by members of the fashion world – among the last to publicly sing her praises, Donatella Versace who wanted her as testimonial for his brand’s S/S 2023 campaign – Ratajowski has collected yet another certificate of esteem from Marc Jacobsthe designer who made her walk the runway for the first time in 2015.

Aware of the giant steps taken in recent years by “Emrata” (the social nickname that the model has now made her own in life too), the creative has elected her muse and wearer of the spring creations of his brand, always very desirable because they are an expression of the way in which today we want to dress a world made up of people who do not want to use clothes to identify themselves with a specific gender.

Marc Jacobs genderless campaign

In the Harley Weir shots, Emily Ratajkowski wears loose-fitting jeans and trousers, baggy and boxy jackets, long gloves, chain necklaces and tote bags, garments and accessories that fit well in anyone’s wardrobe and which describe the spirit of a casual fashion which gives a nod to the metropolis and street style that Jacobs absorbs from New York City where he lives and works. In this sense, Ratajkowski, a Californian transplanted to the East Coast, made no effort to immerse herself in the fashion universe of her designer friend since that type of loose-fitting clothes with the Monogram print (very trendy at the Jacobs house but not only) they are very similar to the ones she often wears on her walks and in her free time off the set.
The bosses genderless for Marc Jacobs I am avery strong expression Of individuality, pieces that represent a free and unconstrained era. Freedom is a very dear principle also for Ratajkowski who, at the expense of criticism and media attacks, defends hers loudly work and personal choices. The concept was also reaffirmed in a recent interview in which the model, who is facing the breakup with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, admitted that she does not fear the judgments of the public who often scold her for her flirtations, real or presumed to she.