Emily Ratajkowski shared an old scene from iCarly: “I will always be Tasha” VIDEO

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In the collective imagination, Emily Ratajkowski embodies one of the contemporary models of beauty. Chosen by the main brands as testimonial and ambassador, idolized on social media, where she does not shy away from spicy shots, sometimes even very hot, however, few remember what her beginnings were in showbiz. In fact, although there has been massive news about her for a few years, i.e. since her Instagram profile became a cult, in reality the model at the beginning of her career also made a cameo in the popular TV series iCarly. Only that few have noticed. She remembered the event with a video on TikTok.

Emily Ratajkowski in iCarly

Emily Ratajkowski, or Emrata as her fans who are confused by the exact pronunciation of her surname often call her, in fact, shared a very short clip of her participation in her youth in the role of Tasha on the popular Chinese social network. It was not such an important participation as to leave her mark, obviously, as evidenced by the fact that few of her, apart from her most faithful supporters of hers, were aware of it. Not even she, before now, had ever told of this experience in the world of the TV series. “You knew I was Tasha on iCarly?” wrote the model as a caption to the video. To make it even more interesting, Emily Ratajkowski also wanted to share an anecdote related to that participation with the public, partially revealing what it means to participate in a film or television project at a young age: “I was 16 or 17 and I took two weeks of school to shoot two episodes”. In that participation of hers, the character of Emily Ratajkowski was in love with Gibby, the protagonist of the series. “Proud to be Tasha forever,” Emrata concluded.

Things iCarly

The series iCarly it was also broadcast in our country initially on the Nickelodeon pay channel, starting from 2 June 2008, to then be re-enacted on Italia 1 starting from 7 September 2009. It is the story of two boys who create a show for the web after suffering a bitter disappointment. They invite their peers to send them videos and performances which are then proposed within the format which, in a very short time, acquires enormous popularity. This catapults them into a different world, where they are forced to deal with the peculiar circumstances of achieving teenage fame.