Emily Ratajkowski strips naked to show her ‘battle wounds’

Emily Ratajkowski He showed off some of his dancing skills this weekend when he attended a Bad Bunny concert with a friend.

Although her concert photos looked like a lot of fun, the model admitted that she did have some “battle wounds” from the show after all.

In the concert, Emily was seen wearing a cropped top, a mini skirt, and oversized knee-high boots.

However, the best-selling author took a different approach when she decided to share a twisted bruise she received after the concert.

Taking to her Instagram Stories, Emily shot a short video showing off her nude figure, writing “bad bunny battle wounds” above the video.

The dark bruise stood out from his tanned skin, though he made sure to zoom in on the dark mark anyway, just to make sure everyone could see it.

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Emily Ratajkowski shows off sensational nude figure

While Emily posed for him videoyou could only see his torso. Her face was not present, although her long dark locks were used for cover in the shot.

Shortly after her video, she shared a rare photo of the area, only highlighting her hip and the bruise that had formed on top of it.

While it looks like Emily had a great time at the Bad Bunny concert this weekend, this week hasn’t been all that fun, as she was spotted getting her things out of her Manhattan apartment following her split from Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Emily Ratajkowski films from her Manhattan apartment

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Emily She has been fairly quiet about her split from her husband, although the signs of their separation have been present and she has not been denying the rumors about it either.

Allegedly, Sebastian was a cheating husband and was constantly cheating on Emily, though this is yet to be confirmed by either party.

Page Six reports Emily was seen leaving the apartment on Tuesday. Movers helped with larger items such as furniture, artwork, clothing and other sundries, but Emily was also seen taking things out, such as one of her plants.

A friend was also seen helping her move in, but many focused on what was not seen: her wedding ring.

Emily’s ring was nowhere to be seen, further solidifying the couple’s separation.

The two only dated for a couple of weeks in the public eye before tying the knot in 2018, and were quickly married in a courthouse wedding. Both have been private about their split.