Emis Killa, after the controversy over incitement to femicide, no concert in Ladispoli

“The New Year’s concert must be a celebration, not a moment of confrontation”. Alexander GrandoNorthern League mayor of the municipality of Ladispoliin the province of Rome, announced via social media the decision to cancel the concert of Emis Killa, expected on the Lazio coast on December 31st, to “restore a climate of serenity”. Some municipal councilors of the Democratic Party and some groups of citizens have in fact contested the rapper because of the song 3 voicemailsThat tells firsthand the thoughts of a stalker who persecutes a woman and who, after a refusal, decides to kill her. The lyrics read “I know I’m selfish, a bastard, but I’d rather know you’re dead than with someone else”, and “I want to see life escape from your eyes / I tried and you told me no / And now with that receiver you I’ll strangle us.” Mayor Grando, however, reiterated the city administration’s commitment to fighting gender violence and the lack of intention to “convey wrong messages”, which would rather have arisen from “misunderstandings” on the interpretation of the lyrics of the song, in reality “song of absolute denunciation of violence against women”. Emis Killa also received other criticisms For the hiring expense shared with colleague Gué Pequeno, fixed in 200 thousand euros and withholding excessive.


In rap there is something called storytelling. It means representing a story in rhyme, whether good or bad. In the piece I interpret, invent, tell facts that unfortunately happen, however unpleasant they may be. In the piece it is not Emiliano who speaks and I don’t even think I have to give too many justifications to those who don’t want to understand. In another much more recent storytelling I play Renato Vallanzasca, I don’t know, do you want to saddle me with a few years in prison? Or we remove Denzel Washington from all cinemas since in He Got the Game kills his wife. You have to recover” Emis Killa replied to the accusations of incitement to feminicide. “To get an idea of ​​me in this regard you should talk to the women who are part of my life, from my family to my friends” she added in a post on Instagram . “You can cancel all the concerts you want, ban rappers from the radio, get indignant as a group on social media, you will not thus change the reality that people like me have the courage to tell, even when it comes back to me in the worst way. Look for the guilty among the guilty, not among those who are on your side even though they have another way of dealing with things.”