Emis Killa against Fedez for the Shiva case: “Don’t talk about me”

The ‘dissing’ after the Muschio Selvaggiosi podcast talked about trap music and news events involving the artists

Emis Killa against Fedez and the dissing (or almost) was useful. What happened? It all comes from the Muschio Selvaggio podcast that Fedez hosts with Mr. Marra. In the last episode, with Vincenzo De Luca as a guest, we talk about the youth universe and also discuss trap music and news events involving artists. The reference is to the arrest of Shiva, arrested for attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm and dangerous explosions. Emis Killa recently expressed solidarity with Shiva, who ended up “at the mercy of the clutches of the state”. If De Luca proposed a ‘Singapore style’ punishment, “with about twenty lashes between the head and neck”, Fedez condemned the condescending words of those who – like Emis Killa – expressed solidarity with Shiva “as if he were a Julian Assange. And this can lead to a totally wrong perception of the world, in my opinion.”

The comment from Chiara Ferragni’s husband did not go unnoticed and Emis Killa, from his Instagram profile, responded: “What a good boy. It’s a shame that you then come and act funny to my friends (and you know very well who I’m talking about), who are people who share the same values ​​expressed by me, and who went to prison for saying that ‘it would really do you nice to have street friends’”, the rapper’s words. “In my opinion it’s better that you stay with the influencers. And maybe take my name out of your mouth when you want to wipe your face in public.”