Emis Killa: “I’d rather sell fewer records but have a loyal audience”

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Emis Killa makes his return to the Italian rap scene with an album that distances itself from projects in search of a chart hit. As with the making of a film, the artist wanted to take the time to look inward and get a glimpse into her life in the past and present. The autobiographical hints within the album are frequent and profound, in which Emis Killa wanted to photograph her soul and transfer it into music. Night effect it’s an album that took time to produce and that takes just as much time to understand and experience. Nonetheless, in Night effect there’s no forcing, it’s a gut written album and that’s why it also deviates from the classic concept albums. The references to the films, mentioned together with the title of each piece, came a posteriori, at the end of the writing phase, and in line with the mood of the stories. The very choice of the album title, a tribute to director François Truffaut’s meta-cinematographic masterpiece, fully expresses the key concept of Emis Killa’s new project, a story of the creative labor of composing an album.

Emiliano your “Effetto Notte” is a sincere, critical, profound album. It is also a symbol of a human and artistic rebirth. Do you agree?

I hope to stop having to confirm myself every year, there’s a lot of competition, a lot of young people with good stuff and you have to work to be there. I made an album that I like, it’s not simple, it’s full of content and I hope that people, being used to viral things by now, will want to listen to it because it doesn’t go in that direction. I hope people come to meet me.
Upstream, a long and constant construction work is perceived.

I recorded about 47 auditions and discarded many of them to define the identity of the album, in short, I filed off certain edges. However, a couple of strong singles are there. I’m happy with the result even though I received emails due to the absence of some collaborations: some couldn’t, we didn’t work with others in theory I would have two more discs in my pc but here today is the best, it’s an album that has wasted me , who went through moments of anger and nervousness.
What do you feel grown up in?

2016 is the year that all new scene came out. My peers and I found ourselves at a crossroads, there was a bubble that many followed and fell into the trap. I thought about it because often if you make quality music for people you don’t get interesting. In 2014 I was too visible, I was living in a strange situation, it was a period in which I felt underestimated, I was the teen idol but I wasn’t there for that. It took me time to reposition myself and grow real fans who try hard to understand what you do.
Your approach to music has really changed.

In music there are those who stream, go on the radio and some of them also do good live shows even if it’s rare. Then there are those who have loyal audiences. In the first case it is easy to feel betrayed. I’d rather sell fewer records but have my own audience, I want to be someone’s top player.
How do you describe this new approach of yours?

I made specially sectoral music and with this record I want to reposition myself. I want to do what I like. I’ve seen other colleagues do it too, many are recognized late in their value. Then I add that in our work there are no rules, we are at the mercy of the public. I hope that what I have sown over the years pays off. As a child, some artists I listened to were nerds for me, growing up I learned to appreciate them. I have a lot of self esteem.

Would you compete at the Sanremo Festival?

You have to go there with the right piece, as I’ve always said, I’ll tell you that you never know. Lazza didn’t go there with a hip hop piece, but it was still a good and right piece for him. I wonder if I’m able and comfortable with a different type of music. Then there’s this story of the piece for Sanremo…I do it because I like it, if Sanremo likes it then that’s fine. When I tried to make summer hits, I made bad music. Lazza was the moral winner for me, he was the right man at the right time.
What do you think of the world of Rap?

Rap is a world that flaunts a lot but it doesn’t worry me because the difference is made by the character. It worries me that since many artists make easy certifications they pass the message that it’s easy to rap, it worries me that it’s enough to play well enough and finish in Serie A, it’s not like that, it’s a long journey. For me it was not obvious to make a sold out forum if I think I was playing on the counter of a brewery. It’s not easy to have an avid following of people who understand you.
The final message?

Doing something because you like it may seem trivial until you experience it in your skin.
Each song is associated with a film and the title is “Effetto Notte” like the film by Truffaut.
All tracks on the disc have movie title subtitles and I needed a main title and of all the movies that talk about movies this is the one I liked the most. For a while I thought of calling it Nocturnal. I lost nights on all the pieces just to change a word.
What do you think of Italy?

There would be many things to say but let’s also remember that in America they shoot you on the street. I could tell you that I don’t like cyclists who don’t stand in line and stand side by side. Ours is a complicated country because the Italians are. The nineties were beautiful for Italy, a lot of stuff was invented, work jumped out. However I am proud to be Italian. I love to travel but after a week I miss the traffic and those who send shit in the car. There is heat but even the annoyed tone of the taxi driver or the bartender reek of truth. But long live Italy! I don’t understand politics, I get pissed about music, football and God forbid I did it for politics too. On the other hand, I don’t understand anything about it, but I tell you that I don’t have much faith in politics.
The final message?

Doing something because you like it may seem trivial until you experience it in your skin.