Emis Killa, the Forum is sold-out: “I won’t do a second date”

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The return of Emis Killa in the Italian music scene with the album Night effect it’s making itself heard loud and clear. The concert event that the artist announced at Mediolanum Forum in Milan for the October 28, 2023 it’s already gone sold outand the rapper has made it clear that a second date will not be open out of respect for the fans who managed to grab a ticket.

The message to the fans

“The forum is officially sold out. Before even coming out with the record. I have decided that I won’t open a second date because the trust of my closest fans must be rewarded with exclusivity. Thanks to whoever will be there. This week NIGHT EFFECT it will be yours. The countdown begins”. So Emis Killa announces on Instagram that she will not open a second date for her concert at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan. A choice made in full respect of the most loyal fans, who deserve to participate in such an exclusive event.

The singer’s decision clearly divided the fans in two. On the one hand, all those who feel pampered by their favorite artist, and on the other who would have preferred Emis Killa to fix another date, even in a city other than Milan. But regardless of the reactions, one thing is certain: the concert event on 28 October is the most eagerly awaited event for fans of Italian rap music.

Night effect

An album that tells the difficult path of musical composition, and that does so by taking up one of the most famous titles of the records Francois Truffaut, Night effect precisely. “Night Effect is the story of a director: I needed a title that encompassed everything, among all it is the one that seemed to me to be consistent with the whole discourse of cinema. I think it’s clear to everyone that rap is a world that flaunts. I’m not worried about ostentation, the difference is made by the character who interfaces. I’ve never made music for the money. It worries me that today certain results, classic Fimi and sold out, seem easy. For me it is not so obvious to bring 12,000 people who bother and pay. This is a win. The message is this: having a following of people who understand you is not easy,” said the singer at the press conference.