Emma Marrone, great pride for her brother: she chose to do that job

Great pride for Emma Marrone and her family: have you seen what job her brother Francesco has chosen to do? What an emotion.

After the great pain for the loss of her dear father Rosario, Emma Marrone and her family live a moment of joy! To share it with her supporters, it was the direct of her interested in her on her official social channel.

Emma Marrone Instagram. Credits: Instagram

As she showed the first images of her new home in Milan and dedicated goose bumps words to her dad after his tragic death, once again Emma Marrone could not help but share this moment of joy with her audience. On the other hand, it is a truly fabulous event that happened in her family and the singer cannot keep it to herself at all.

Very close to her parents, Emma Marrone loves her madly brother Francesco. In some social shots, the two show themselves happy together, capturing everyone’s attention for their striking resemblance. By the way, however, of Francesco Marrone, you know that work does?

What work does Emma Marrone’s brother do? Great family happiness

Emma Marrone has never hidden that she is particularly attached to her family. Her life – given her incredible success as a singer – is far from Arodeo, yet when she can, she always comes back to hug her family. Did you do it too a few days ago when, on the occasion of a special event, the singer showed herself hugging her brother Francesco and her mother? A truly sweet family portrait, which underlines how much the three are even more linked after the dramatic event that struck them.

What job did Francesco Marrone, Emma’s brother, choose to do? A few days ago, the singer from Salento shared a photo of her in the company of her and in that of her beautiful mother to share a super news with her fans: Francesco is in effect a Firefighter. “I swear. Great, you are our pride. We love you so much “, Brown is written to accompany this sweet family portrait. There he is:

emma brown job brother
Brother Emma Marrone. Credits: instagram

Congratulations to Francesco Marrone for this incredible achievement!