Emma Marrone reveals why she cut her hair: fans will be delighted

Fantastic news for Emma Marrone fans: the singer explained why she cut her hair revealing what’s cooking.

Fresh from the final of the last edition of X Factor, in which she appeared with a new haircut, Emma Marrone has announced to fans the new project that sees her as the protagonist and for which she has given a change to her image.

Emma Marrone reveals why she cut her hair: fans will be delighted (Instagram)

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A new album? A new single? Not at all! This time the talented singer from Lecce will be struggling with a new film entitled The return, in which she plays the role of the protagonist Teresa. A second experience on the set, therefore, after having participated in the Gabriele Muccino series At Home All Well, which aired in the fall.

After sowing a ‘clue’ on her Instagram profile a few weeks ago by posting the photo of the blonde braid with a pair of scissors next to it, Emma finally explained the reason for this choice.

Emma Marrone cuts her hair for script needs

In the caption to the selfie that portrays her together with the director of the film Stefano Chiantini, the singer wrote: “She is Teresa, the protagonist of the new film by @stefano_chiantini The return. It is for her that I cut my hair, to tell it in all its facets, descending into the depths of this new woman who is now part of me “.

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Ready to put on a wig, Brown showed up in full transformation in the character of Teresa, the young mother of a small child who, as seen in other shots, has dark hair.

A career as an actress that is definitely taking off, adding to that of a singer, which the former winner of Amici has already amply consolidated.

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because Emma Marrone cut her hair
Photo source: Instagram

In our opinion this short cut gives a lot to Emma because it reflects her personality full of grit, do you agree?