Emma Marrone, well-deserved relaxation in the mountains: how much does the hotel you have chosen cost

Emma Marrone continues to enjoy the much deserved relaxation in the mountains: do you know how much the hotel she has chosen for her stay costs?

There are those who have chosen the sea – and this is confirmed by Chiara Ferragni’s mother who spared no expense for her holidays – and those who, on the other hand, wanted to enjoy the much deserved relaxation in the mountains. We are not just talking about Ilary Blasi, who spent some time in the Dolomites and in her parents’ country of origin before leaving for Croatia, but also about Emma Marrone.

Emma Marrone holidays. Credits: Instagram

Just like Ilary Blasi, Emma Marrone has also chosen to spend her holidays in the cool. Which mountain, then, if not the Dolomites? Even the former winner of Amici, in fact, wanted to spend some time in the mountains, not missing the opportunity to be able to document everything with her audience.

Between shots immersed in nature, delightful outdoor pools and much more, Emma Marrone continues to enjoy the much deserved relaxation. In fact, next year will be a very busy year for her and to better support him, she can’t help but recharge her batteries well. What, however, we ask you now is: are you curious to know how much the hotel you have chosen for your stay in the Dolomites costs? Let’s find out together.

Emma Marrone in the mountains: how much does a night in a luxury hotel cost?

A few more days and Emma Marrone he will return to his usual life. There is so much waiting for her: starting with the new house still to be completely furnished up to all the latest work news. In short, it would seem that it will be a very busy year! Before, however, dedicating herself body and soul to her new commitments, the former winner of Amici wanted to refresh herself – together with a screaming company – a few days in the mountains. On her official social channel, the Salento singer never misses an opportunity to be able to share everything with her audience, who cannot help but appreciate and enjoy the beauty of the place.

As we said previously, Emma Marrone has chosen the splendid Dolomites as her holiday destination. And so, between trips at high altitude, splendid natural landscapes and incredible tans, the ex of Amici is enjoying these days of mountain. Are you curious, however, to know how much it costs a night in the chosen hotel? According to what is learned, it would seem that Marrone wanted to stay in a prestigious hotel in the area founded in 1912 with a panoramic spa and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. In short, a true paradise!

The room chosen by Emma Marrone for her living room is a real suite, equipped with a fairly huge bed, a breathtaking view and a seating area. In short, nothing but relaxation! How much is all this? It would seem that the cost for just one night is 760 euros.

emma brown mountain
Emma in the pool. Credits: Instagram

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