Emma Muscat after a difficult moment has found love again: who is her boyfriend

Emma Muscat has found her smile and love again after a difficult period: let’s find out who her boyfriend is.

At the Eurovision Song Contest Emma Muscat will represent Malta. The singer was a guest at Verissimo and to Silvia Toffanin’s microphones she told the emotions she is experiencing while waiting for the big event.

Emma muscat, who is her boyfriend (Credits: mediaset infiniyt)

She revealed that she is very excited and at the same time anxious because she will go up in front of a big stage and more than 200 million people will see her and added: “I am proud and honored to represent my country, Malta, and to do so in my second home, Italy “. The singer we met at Amici also talked about her personal side, saying that she has lived through a difficult time but now she is happy and she found love again: let’s find out who her boyfriend is.

Emma Muscat has found love again: let’s find out who her boyfriend is

We got to know her thanks to her participation at the seventeenth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi. In the talent show Emma Muscat she managed to get to the evening stage and was eliminated during the Semifinal, finishing in fourth place in the singing category. But the experience immediately led to a recording contract with Warner Music Italy.

The young artist in the following years has continued to conquer with her music and is now ready to sing on an important stage, the Eurovision Song Contest. In fact she will represent her country, Malta, at the big event. She says she is happy and excited but there is also a lot of anxiety having to sing in front of millions of people. In an interview with the microphones of Silvia Toffanin to Verissimo, the singer also told of having found her smile next to a special person, her boyfriend.

Emma muscat and kurt
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Emma’s boyfriend is called Kurt Galea, is Maltese and does not work in the entertainment world. She explained that he was a light in a difficult time in her love life, because she was left twice and she was heartbroken: “I am very much in love, my boyfriend is called Kurt. He is a pure soul, I love him very much. It was the light at a time when I was really sick“, And adds:“ Now I’m happy ”.