Emma: “Rock is an attitude and I am the most punk rock grunge in Italy”

Powerful, punk, political, passionate, pyrotechnics…Emma debuts on tour with an essential and true concert, including an unprecedented, perfectly successful stage diving, a whole Souvenirs and a few snippets of history. The historian Vox of Nonantola hosts the zero date of the Salento artist’s journey in an environment that forces her into close contact with the public. Renamed Souvenirs from Clubopens with the writing “I’m not the best, I’m Emma” which is already a distinctive and identifying element as she explains, coming off the stage, during a chat to toast the start of the new project: “What matters in life, in the period of battles between fandoms to see who is better, is to be themselves”. And she demonstrated, in an hour and a half, her strength, her ability to decline life and feelings. And among the latter, one that cut through the night was the ceasefire: “I dissociate myself from a country that has not expressed itself well, wars serve to enrich the powerful of the earth who we don’t even see because those who appear are gods puppets. Today I claim this with the same conviction with which years ago I said open the ports. I have always exposed myself and I am happy to have done so. I cannot be indifferent in front of certain images. We need a hand on our conscience, if we have it “. Then we talk about the concert and those who will come: “You need physical and mental training to face the public in a club, it’s a face to face… either you hold on or you don’t. I was amazed at how loudly they sang the songs of Souvenirs, a recently released album. I chose to do it all because singles are fine but albums are stories to tell. Today I can tell you that without Fortune there wouldn’t have been Souvenirs. And to those who say that there aren’t many songs, I reply that I don’t like filler songs, my policy is less is more”. The Vox was scary last night. Filled to capacity, it sang, danced and cried all evening : “I come from clubs all my life, or rather pubs, I frequented them a lot in my non-famous life. I’m here because I don’t forget where I come from and because the direct relationship with the public is measured here. I want to remain in the history of music and I no longer want to hear that a small place is inadequacy. I need to dream here, rock is an attitude and I am the most punk rock grunge in Italy.”


It’s just after 9pm when the lights go out and the music turns on. With Let’s start from the End a concert starts which also respects the club concept in duration which varies around an hour and a half. On stage with one Emma rock in soul and look are Federica Ferracuti (keyboardist), Lucio Enrico Fasino (bassist), Donald Renda (drummer) and Rufio Raffaele Littorio (guitarist): “Help me do what I imagined here for four days – he asks to its people – why In Da Club it’s just us and you and what happens here will affect the whole tour”. The symbiosis is perfect, the audience of Emma it’s special: when she passes through him the affection is strong but not annoying and when for the first time she treats herself to a stage dive the hands make her swim over the crowd and then accompany her back on stage: “I have no doubts about the education of my audience And I didn’t have any for stage diving either, I did a lot of virtual tests and I told myself that at worst I would get a dead back.” Dedication Short hair to those who need courage and she looks like Marlene Dietrich 2.0 in the images that scroll on the screen: she smokes in black and white and there is the psychoanalytic effect of the mirror. Accompany Latin with the scream “let’s start moving” combined with an anthology twerking. A roar welcomes Half the world but for Emma it’s not enough and so he shouts: “Let me hear your voice. This is the song that made me reborn”. A triumphant getting lost to find yourself again. Today there is a habit of looking for concert setlists, Emma he knows it and jokes about it: “Have you done the fantasy setlist? Who knows what you imagined. Vox Vlub people, there are two trains arriving”. And by trains you mean medleys. At the end of the evening there will be four. The first is a rock apotheosis composed of I am beautiful, I forget everything And love me. She goes down into the audience and remembers that “I’m always beautiful”, a concept later taken up while chatting after the concert when she underlined that she likes herself just the way she is. On stage it’s a cyclone: ​​”I’ve made one of my secret dreams come true, I’ve brought pop to the temple of rock”, she shouts and then on the notes of Love is not enough he starts like a disjointed puppet, without strings and then assumes a capoeira position. It’s a fury. He gets emotional remembering his father, who passed away just over a year ago: “I miss my superhero, I did what I could with what I had. Many people have lost their point of reference and I go on stage for them too “. With Love is not enough it opens the audience like Moses biblically opened the waters of the Red Sea! She seeks contact with people more and more often: “I have an audience as intelligent as the artist. If there is a place where I feel safe when I am in the audience and on stage”. The concert ends with Sentimental and with the thanks of Emma: “It was fantastic to bring something so big to such a small place. Goodnight everyone, it was wonderful, I love you!”.


1. “Let’s start from the end” (from “Souvenir”, 2023)

2. “Sbagliata Ascendente Leone” (soundtrack of the docufilm “Sbagliata Ascendente Leone”, 2022)

3. “Short Hair” (from “Souvenir”, 2023)

4. “Living Flesh” (from “Souvenir”, 2023)

5. “Latina” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)

6. “Indigo” (from “Souvenir”, 2023)

7. “Half the world” (from “Souvenir”, 2023)


“I am beautiful” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)

“I forget everything” (from “Schiena”, 2013)

“Amami” (from “Schiena”, 2013)


“It’s like this every time” (February 2022)

“In every corner of me” (from “Schiena”, 2013)

“It’s not hell” (from “Sarò Libera – Sanremo Edition”, 2012)

10. “Intervallo” (from “Souvenir”, 2023)

11. “Amore cane” feat Lazza (from “Souvenir”, 2023)


“Alibi” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)

“Love is not enough for me” (from “Schiena”, 2013)

“Deep eyes” (from “Adesso”, 2015)


“Fortuna” (from “Fortuna”, 2019)

“My city” (from “Schiena”, 2013)

“I was looking for love” (from “Sarò Libera”, 2011)

14. “Taxi on the moon” with Tony Effe (from “Souvenir”, 2023)

15. “Sentimentale” (from “Souvenir”, 2023)