#EmptyMuseum: discovering the Museum and National Archaeological Park of Locri Epizefiri with Igers

Saturday 26 November the first Calabrian initiative to promote territory and culture

The first edition of #EmpytMuseum: one night visit of the Museum and the National Archaeological Park of Locri Epizefiri.

To participate will be the influencers and photographers of the communities of Igers Reggio Calabria and Igers Calabria to share the experience on social channels.

The first city to host the event was, in 2013, New York with the Empty organized at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In Italy since 2015 the initiative has been replicated at the Madre Museum in Naples, at the Venaria Reale in Turin, at the Fondazione Prada in Milan, the Museo dell’Opera del Duomo in Florence and the Capitoline Museums in Rome.

The Locri edition is organized by the Calabrian communities of the IgersItalia network in collaboration with the MIC – Regional Directorate of Museums of Calabria and with the patronage of the Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria.

For follow the event on social media you can follow the hashtag #emptymuseumlocri and the Instagram accounts: @parcoarcheologicolocri, @igers.reggiocalabria and @igers.calabria.

“The first Calabrian #Empty – he says Salvatore Borzacchiello, local manager of Igers Reggio Calabria and Admin of IgersItalia – will be hosted at the MuParc of Locri where the Igers community will be able to capture and tell, in absolute freedom, the fascinating atmosphere of the museum at night by meeting the wonderful finds preserved in the splendid Museum and National Archaeological Park of Locri Epizefiri.

“This initiative is part of the collaborative relationship that we started with the IgersItalia community on the occasion of the inauguration of the Archaeological Museum last May – commented the director of the Elena Trunfio Park. It represents a further opportunity to enhance our Park through now consolidated languages ​​and which allow us to address a different audience of users, especially the younger ones. I thank Salvatore Borzacchiello and all his team for their enthusiasm and full sharing of intent. I am sure that all the igers involved will live a magical experience as only the Archaeological Park at night can offer.”

More info at https://www.instagram.com/p/ClGsIqDMdFb/