End of life and Ius Scholae, two nodes by majority: after Easter a ‘warm’ recovery

Yesterday tension in the Constitutional Affairs Commission on Citizenship. The League on the attack, Scalfarotto in the sights

It will be a ‘hot’ recovery on the rights front for the majority, the one after the Easter holidays. Two knots on the horizon: the end of life in the Senate and the Ius Scholae in the Chamber. At Palazzo Madama the commissioning of the examination of the law on the end of life on which the hypothesis of Simone Pillon relator is pending is expected. The Northern League senator, second Giallorossi parliamentary sources, would have asked the president of the Justice commission, his party colleague Andrea Ostellari, to be appointed rapporteur.

At the moment this remains only a hypothesis, neither confirmed nor denied by the relevant law. But that’s enough to stir the waters. Pillon is not really a supporter of the provision on the end of life and Pd and 5 Stelle are already on the alert in view of the session of the commission after Easter. On Tuesday afternoon, however, the voting on the Ius Scholae in the Constitutional Affairs Committee resumes in the House. Yesterday there were the first votes in an incandescent atmosphere.

“There is a very strong obstruction of Lega and Fdi. It took us two hours to make a vote …”, says Federico Fornaro of Leu. An attitude that was not a surprise given that the League had already voted against the basic text. But yesterday there was an unexpected upgrade. “The thing that was not foreseeable was the attack on Undersecretary Scalfarotto”, he explains. The League has criticized Scalfarotto, as representative of the government, for not being ‘objective’ in examining the amendments. Igor Iezzi, leader of the Lega, has come to ask for his resignation: “Scalfarotto has decided to act as a megaphone for the left. At this point, a problem arises about his real ability to represent this government and this majority. A problem that can only be solved with his resignation “.

Scalfarotto would have expressed opinions on the amendments in a personal capacity and not in the name of the government: this is the Northern League accusation. The undersecretary, contacted, does not intend to reply to the accusations. “Also because they are completely spurious accusations -explains a member of the dem commission- Scalfarotto did not express opinions on the more political amendments, which in fact were set aside, while he did so only on technical passages that, according to the legislative offices, would have made incongruent the measure. But the League started with a very hard attack and this speaks volumes about the climate … “.

An attitude that, the Giallorossi fear, could also put Forza Italia in difficulty. The Azzurri, as it had been for the vote on the basic text, yesterday distinguished themselves from the rest of the center-right: they voted with Pd, M5S, Leu, Action and Iv against the suppressive amendment of Article 1 of the Ius Scholae which the fact would have ditched the entire provision.

Blue sources specify to the Adnkronos that Fi yesterday voted against the amendment (it would have been inconsistent with the yes to the basic text) but maintains all its reservations already declared. That is: “It is necessary to modify the basic text regarding the duration of the school cycle, bringing it to at least 8 years, guaranteeing the actual attendance and the positive overcoming of the cycle itself”, he explains. Fi has tabled (about ten) amendments on the subject, all of which have now been shelved. If they do not pass, the Italian sources point out, Fi will vote against.

“For us it is a very important measure, we know that it will not be easy both for the obstruction of the Lega and Fdi but also for the limited time to make the transition to the Chamber and Senate”, says Matteo Mauri of the Democratic Party to the Adnkronos. “Yesterday what we expected happened with the League that went completely wrong … but we do our best”, Mauri adds explaining that the Democratic Party has also renounced its original proposal.

“The basic text is a piece of our proposal, but we made ourselves available because we think it could be the first useful step, also in line with other European countries, to give citizenship to minors”. Lega and Fdi say it is a way to ‘create’ new voters for the left … “Either they are telling us that minors vote or it is a bit complicated”, replies Mauri while for Fornaro it is “vulgar propaganda on a issue of concrete rights, an injustice that must be healed “.

“The important thing is that the process has begun with the vote on the amendments. I hope for less obstruction and a constructive attitude”, adds Fornaro. But the positions are diametrically opposed. A dem deputy says: “Yesterday we really heard anyone from the League. Even that with the Ius Scholae citizenship was also given to parents, something that is neither in heaven nor on earth. Luckily there are still masks, at least you don’t see our faces in front of certain exits … “.