Enel, Eni and Terna on the podium of the ESG Perception Index

They are in the first, second and third order in the ranking of the 200 companies perceived as more sustainable on the web, according to the analysis of the company Reputation Science

What are the companies perceived as the most sustainable on the web? According to the Reputation Science company, which deals with reputation analysis and management, in October Enel was confirmed at the top of theEsg Perception Index, the index that measures the perception of sustainability of companies. The podium, entirely occupied by companies in the Energy sector, Eni and Terna complete the podium. The Reputation Science Observatory examines the major companies on the Italian market (capitalized in Piazza Affari, Mediobanca ranking, Interbrand ranking) to produce a ranking of the top 200 companies perceived as more sustainable on the web.

The analysis model evaluates the proximity of the brand to the 17 pillars of sustainability defined by the UN and produces an indicator for each one (from 0 to 100) based on qualitative-quantitative and structural parameters: in addition to the volume of contents that report the association between the brand and sustainability, the score also weighs on the reputational impact of these contents on the brand, the association of the brand identity with sustainability on search engines and how much the company talks about sustainability through its proprietary channels (eg. website, social profiles).

The new Esg Perception Index is updated in October 2021. The result is an expression of the perception generated in the last semester and of the historical one, this is because the contents remain online and the past influences the current perception. The total database analyzed is 2.2 million online contents.

The three positions on the podium are occupied by the protagonists of the Energy cluster. At the top of the 200 companies perceived as more sustainable on the web, we find Enel with a score of 94.49 out of 100. The company led by Francesco Starace, between July and October 2021, was confirmed among the world leaders for sustainability in the ESG indices of Ftse4Good and Euronext, has successfully placed the Sustainability-Linked Bond from 3.25 billion euros, reached the goal of 50% green debt, exceeding the target set for 2023 and renewed its commitment to the energy transition in Italy through Enel Green Power, EnelX and numerous partnerships signed.

Eni, which in July became the first major energy company to update its bylaws to Benefit Company, confirms its second place in the ranking with a score of 89.21. Among the most relevant issues of the last semester, the launch of the production of sustainable fuels for aviation, the presentation of the third “Eni for human rights” report, the agreements made with the Renewable Energy Agency and Saipem to accelerate the energy transition, the presentation of the new World Energy Review and support for young entrepreneurs with the Passion and Innovation project in comparison.

Third step of the podium for Terna, which rises two places (69.67). Chosen as Italy’s Best Employer 2022, the company participated in the United Nations Global Compact CFO Taskforce and was included in the Stoxx Global ESG Leaders for the eleventh consecutive year, as well as having launched reforestation projects and inaugurated plans to strengthen security and the resilience of the Italian electricity grid.