Enel in circulation, the art to explain the circular economy

Circular economy and sustainability: two key concepts for the future of the planet and which Enel Energia has decided to express with ‘Enel in circulation‘, project aimed at raise awareness among citizens on the importance of reuse and recycling through art, and that after the stops in Milan and Padua arrives in Verona. From November 16 to December 15 2021, in four stores in the city of Verona (Spazio Enel Corso Milano and three Spazio Enel Partners), citizens will be able to deposit disused objects, such as small appliances and knick-knacks, and actively participate, with the guidance of the artist Dario Tironi, in the creation of a work of art demonstrating how what is potentially waste can actually come back to life.

In this way, Enel Energia promotes the philosophy “zero waste”And the fundamental role of the circular economy in urban centers to testify the proximity to the territory and show how it is possible to experience the city in an increasingly sustainable way. “Enel in circulation represents all of Enel’s values ​​on sustainability – he explained Michele Porri, manager of the Triveneto area for the Italian market of Enel Energia – starting from the concept of using objects that are no longer current to give them a second life, which in this case also has an artistic value, which is a very beautiful thing “. It will be exhibited in every shop in Verona a work made with the waste objects recovered in the previous stages, such as ‘I will give you something to live for’, a statue depicting a woman made with scraps such as toys, cans, batteries and other waste, exhibited in the Spazio Enel in Corso Milano and always born from the hand of Dario Tironi.

“We wanted to open this store outside the center, in a commercial area – explained Michele Porri – to expand our presence in the area and to be closer to our customers, since this store is easy to access and parking is free. “.

“Thanks to Enel in circulation, we too can do our part in the commitment to sustainability, just as citizens can do it by contributing to the creation of a work of art”, he said. Alessio Tirapelle, which he manages in Soave (Vr) together with his father Angelo the company ‘Communicate’.

“With the opportunity to come and visit us to deliver disused objects – underlined Michele Porri – we want to give our customers the opportunity to get close to us and show them what we do, specifying that Enel Energia is no longer just a commodity, where we continue to be the market leader, but offer other energy efficiency services, such as fiber, to offer customers an increasingly complete offer “.

5000 postcards made with recycled paper will be distributed door to door to citizens to invite them to deliver the objects to the nearest store and thus participate in the creation of the work of art, an emblem of the culture of reuse and a reminder of the experience of Enel in Circolo in the city of Verona. On 1 and 2 December 2021, in the square in front of the Spazio Enel in Corso Milano, young people from Verona and their families will be able to participate in playful and creative activities on the theme of sustainability. There will be also a space dedicated to children, who will be able to try their hand at creative games to build Christmas decorations with reused materials. A nice wader, a magician and a gastronomic surprise will be waiting for them outside the store.