Energy, Basilicata to Turin in the Italy of the Regions: focus on energy transition and villages

Reactivation of villages between energy transition and community regeneration“. This is the underlying theme of R’s participationBasilicata region in the ‘Italy of the Regions’, the national festival of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces which takes place in Turin from 30 September to 2 October. The main theme of the event is material and immaterial infrastructures and the role of territories in the crucial challenge of development. Basilicata, thanks also to the precious support of the ‘Federation of Lucanian clubs and associations in Piedmont’ which is ensuring important points for discussion and reflection on the perception of the regional territory, has brought to the attention of visitors the projects and initiatives to facilitate the energy transition , the regeneration of villages and sustainability.

It aroused great interest and curiosity, a table on Lucanian best practices on the subject of energy, with the public notice known as the ‘non-methane-fueled notice’ at its centre. An unprecedented measure that helps many Lucanian families not covered by the methane gas network to achieve energy self-sufficiency. To date, approximately 5 thousand financing applications have been submitted for the construction of renewable energy plants, with financial resources reserved for over 30 million euros, equal to 75% of the expenditure expected for 2023. In the space of the internal and Furthermore, in the external area of ​​the ‘Villaggio delle Regioni’ set up in Piazza Castello, two youth experiences were presented which tell of a new way of experiencing the territory.

‘Cosetta, the bar that goes in a hurry’ was presented, a symbol of youth entrepreneurial ability and of the endogenous Lucanian enterprise, born in the Nitti technical-commercial institute in Potenza. The bar is a healthy snack made with local ingredients: Carosella del Pollino wheat and Percoca di Sant’Arcangelo. After the slot dedicated to the Cosetta bar, the president of the Region Vito Bardi greeted the girls of the Nitti institute, accompanied by teachers Vigna and Candela. Another experience presented, born from a project of the ‘Io Potentino’ association and created by the Lucanian brewery Basilisca, is the creation of ‘166, solidarity and inclusive anti-waste beer’ which uses unsold bread from bakeries. The proceeds from the Cosetta bar will be used to finance school projects and infrastructure, while the proceeds from the 166 beer will be used to support disadvantaged families. Peppone Calabrese, spokesperson for the Region, spoke in a monologue about the beauties of the area in the live event which was held yesterday in the Rai Auditorium in Turin.