Energy, Bucci (Proxigas): “We need an inclusive approach that guarantees economic and social sustainability through decarbonization”

“The energy transition process is very challenging and complex: for it to be truly effective, a great synergy between technologies, energy vectors and energy sources must be proposed. An inclusive approach is needed that guarantees economic and social sustainability for this process. Italy must enhance its strengths, such as the gas infrastructure, extremely widespread which reaches 90% of Italian municipalities.Our association is strongly committed to decarbonising the gas vector by promoting green gases such as biomethane, also looking at hydrogen. an opportunity for our country, we can offer consumers more roads and paths to achieve decarbonisation. In defining European targets, it will be necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the individual Member States so that they can exploit their strengths. today with many associations is that the institutions welcome our request by promoting a broader reflection in Europe that modifies this attitude based on exclusivity towards a more inclusive and open approach to the diversification of the various energy sectors” declared the General Manager of Proxigas, Marta Bucci, on the sidelines of the event “The decarbonization of domestic consumption: multi-energy technologies for a sustainable future” in the Chamber of Deputies.