Energy, Galassi (Api): “With price increases reduce taxes on businesses”

L’soaring in the cost of energy is putting small and medium-sized enterprises are in difficulty Italian manufacturing. Who increasingly give up orders or suspend production, with the risk of paralyzing production chains. The government must therefore act quickly with “guarantees and facilities”. He states it Paolo Galassi, president of Api, the association of small and medium-sized industries, contacted by Adnkronos. After the CDM did not pass the solidarity contribution for the highest incomes to cope with the rise in bills, he says, “financial relief and compensation are needed“.

For Galassi “s
and the price of energy increases, taxes must be reduced“, especially for SMEs. In addition, it is necessary” to act on the issue ofsupplying, in dialogue with Russia, e act at the European level“. The president of Api recalls that” we have suppliers who have increased the price of electricity between 150 and 200% and of methane between 80 and 100% “. So much so that the problem of the price of energy”. it is more serious than the cost of labor “.

At the moment there is an increase in orders, “but many companies, with the increase in the costs of raw materials, energy and transport are in great difficulty “. With many SMEs” that have to raise prices, others that give up orders and others that suspend production, with the risk of blocking the production chains “. the obstacle has become “unpredictability. It is hard even to make the price list for 2022: the raw material it is not known when they arrive and the energy arrives but the prices are not known. Maybe we don’t lose turnover but profits and income “.