Energy, Gava: ‘Government at work to promote energy transition’

“Today is a very important event, especially in this historic moment, in which the energy transition is increasingly central to the public debate. The regulatory impetus that the European Commission has provided with the Green Deal affects all sectors of the economy. This push towards the transition was then increased with the resources made available with the Next Generation Eu, a real opportunity for recovery from the recession caused by the pandemic”. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of the Environment and Energy Security Vannia Gava on the sidelines of the “Esg Challenge Iren 2023”, the international event held in Genoa, during which the challenges considered most urgent and strategic to support sustainable development were presented in 2023.

“Italy strongly wanted a package of funds to ground the ecological transition – added Deputy Minister Gava – in order to give companies the possibility to implement the conversion and decarbonise their processes and to move towards a new sustainable growth. The Italian government is committed to the transition through the allocation of funds and the simplification of regulations, guaranteeing shorter times for the authorization processes”.

“In this context – concluded the Deputy Minister of the Environment and Energy Security – it is crucial to enhance the training of young people, who must learn the skills necessary to carry out the new specialized professions in the transition path. For all these reasons, the energy transition is a path to be tackled with unity and collaboration: the government, the legislator, businesses, training, all these actors must work together”.