Energy, Meloni: “We will support concrete aid initiatives for families and businesses”

“In the EU we will support every action to counter speculative phenomena”

“We will support in Europe any action aimed at combating speculative phenomena and unjustified increases in the cost of energy and we will support every shared initiative of concrete help to families and businesses“This is what the president of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni assures with a post on social media.

“The energy crisis is a European issue and must be addressed as such,” he explains. “Brothers of Italy and the European Conservatives have always maintained that the real task of the European Union should be to manage the great continental challenges that are difficult to face by individual member states” she stresses. “Actions by individual states aimed at exploiting their strengths risk interfering in the competitiveness of companies e create distortions in the single European market“.

UKRAINE-RUSSIA – “It is certainly a very complex situation, which is why a lot of caution is needed,” Meloni said to those who ask her about the indiscretion of the Times according to which Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing a nuclear test on the border with Ukraine.