Energy, radiators down a degree and turned on an hour less

The government savings plan takes shape. Reduced heating to cope with rising gas prices and uncertainties regarding supplies from Russia. Distance teaching in schools excluded. Nothing changes, at least for now, for public and shop lighting

Homes and offices will be a little less hot, because from autumn the radiators will have to keep a temperature lower than in the past – therefore from 20 to 19 – and remain on an hour less a day. This is what is known, at the moment, on the energy saving plan that the Minister of Ecological Transition Roberto Cingolani has presented to the government and which should be ready in days.

How much gas will you save

The squeeze could also lead to a two-week reduction in the period in which it will be possible to warm up, thus allowing to consume less gas, given the uncertainties of supplies from Russia due to the war in Ukraine. The savings, with these measures, could exceed 2 and a half billion cubic meters in a few months, about 10 percent of winter methane consumption.

The windows remain lit

At Palazzo Chigi, however, there was no discussion of using Dad in schools or agile work to reduce the presence of people in public offices, nor of stopping industry. Hello, at least for now, the shop windows and street lighting, which should not be turned off or dimmed at night, as other European countries such as Germany have decided.

Deposits and new supplies

All in the context of the cuts established in Brussels, which for Italy are worth a saving of 7 percent per year. Our country should be able to count on alternative supply contracts to Moscow (by pipe and by ship), the energy produced with coal and from renewable sources as well as the reserves that are accumulating (stocks are close to 82%). However, it will take time to reap the benefits of all these interventions. And there are many unknowns about Russian gas flows.