Energy, refreshing the house will impact up to 50% on summer bills

Survey by Selectra, air conditioners are among the most energy-intensive appliances, for a house of about 60 square meters, spending from 120 euros per month

This summer, refreshing the house will impact up to 50% on the summer bills. According to a survey by Selectra i air conditioners are the household appliances among the most energy-intensive and it is for this reason “extremely important to know how to use them and know what their impact on the bill could be”. Just think, analysts point out, that a wall-mounted air conditioner can weigh around 50 euros per unit bill monthly, while a portable one costs up to 60 euros a month, impacting up to 50% on the summer bill of a ‘typical family’.

Furthermore, according to the survey, a wall-mounted air conditioner with a high energy class, sufficient to cool a room of 25 square meters, has an estimated cost in the bill of almost 25 euros per month. In fact, for a typical family, the weight of cooling in the summer bill it would stand at 26% analysts underline free service that compares the main suppliers of electricity, gas and internet.

Selectra conducted the survey to learn about the summer ‘cooling’ habits of Italians, according to which 7 out of 10 users choose a wall-mounted air conditioner, and a study to simulate how much a typical Italian family could spend to turn on the air conditioners at home in the summer 2023.

The survey also shows that with a more powerful air conditioner, ideal for an area of ​​40-50 square meters, it will be necessary to foresee a cost of around 50 euros per month, with the summer bill of 115 euros/month. A Class A portable air conditioner, on the other hand, will impact up to 50% on the summer bill: around 60 euros per month, considering a summer bill which will therefore be around 120 euros per month.

According to the Selectra survey, it is also important to calculate for those who choose to refresh the rooms with a dehumidifier or a fan. In the first case, a 20L dehumidifier (for 25 square meters) costs around 30 euros per month. Finally, the bill is less traumatic for those who prefer a fan, which impacts just 5% on the summer bill of the typical family, with a price that varies between 3 and 4 euros depending on whether it is a floor-standing or ceiling.