Energy, Salvini-Pd-M5S clash in the Senate

La Russa, the current president, recalls the Lega leader

Clash in the Senate Chamber between the Secretary of the League, Matteo SalviniAnd Pd and M5S, during the speech in the Chamber on the report on the updating of public finance objectives. “Better thirteen billion than zero”, said the leader of the Carroccio, recalling that “the League has been asking for thirty billion for months”.

“I see a Senate chamber that is a bit holidayy, a bit laughable and a bit absent”, Salvini later said, amid the protests of Dem and pentastellati, thus causing the intervention of the vice president, Ignazio La Russa, who in that moment presided over the Chamber. “Senator, please stick to the theme, it seems to me that the Chamber is fully carrying out its task, I would like everyone to fall within their own role”.

“I do not know if you live in the real country that is in danger of closing”, Salvini attacked again, with another subsequent warning from La Russa: “Senator, please contact the Presidency not your colleagues, as the regulation provides, please do not stimulate comments, so to speak, euphemistically “.

“I simply wanted to bring the voice – the leader of the League of farmers, bartenders, entrepreneurs, carpenters, retirees resumed … do not complain if they do not vote for you next week and do not complain if the center-right vote”.

“Friends of the Democratic Party and the Cinquestelle, the problem is not Salvini, the problem is a million workers who, if you lose more weeks, will no longer have the salary to take home at the end of the month. This is the problem of this moment. and it seems to me that a part of politics lives on Mars, because maybe someone’s bill goes to pay the maid “.

“We are happy, I tell the Government, better thirteen billion zero, but if we think – concluded Salvini – that these thirteen billion will secure the Italian industrial system, we are wrong to understand. Aula the voice of the workers and I tell you – the leader of the Carroccio stressed, addressing those who contested him – ver-go-gna-te-vi “.