Energy saving, 5 tips to lower your bill

The consumer information campaign of Enea and Federdistribuzione in the Month of Energy Efficiency 2022

Reduce energy consumption in the home and lower your bill. Federdistribuzione and Enea kick off a consumer information campaign with a handbook containing five practical tips. An initiative on the occasion of Energy Efficiency Month.

1. Avoid hindering the diffusion of heat – Keeping curtains, furniture or clothes racks in front of the radiators is a source of waste because it hinders the diffusion of heat. It is also important not to leave the windows open to avoid heat loss.

2. Check the room temperature – 19 degrees are enough to ensure the necessary comfort in the house. Reducing the heating by one hour a day and keeping it off for 15 days, over the course of a year, reduces costs by around 180 euros for a medium-sized apartment.

3. Using washing machine and dishwasher with full load – Using the washing machine once every two days, instead of once a day, and the dishwasher once a day instead of two, saves 52 and 74 euros per year respectively.

4. Replace the light bulbs in the house with LED ones – Installing LED bulbs in the house, considering that they will remain on for an average of 6 hours a day, allows you to reduce starting consumption by 15%.

5. Reduce the duration and temperature of the shower – Reducing the minutes spent under water from 7 to 5, lowering the temperature by 3 degrees, saves up to 250 euros.