Energy, Selectra acquires and opens office in Salerno

New hires are underway between Campania and Lazio, the goal is about 10 new collaborators a month

A new office in Salerno, which joins the historic Roman headquarters, new open positions between Lazio and Campania and the acquisition of the competitor Selectra has thus launched a 2023 which will also be characterized by new services for its users in the field ofpower. Launched in Rome in 2015 on the initiative of two young entrepreneurs, Antoine Arel and Niccolò Carlieri, Selectra today it has over 150 employees with an average age just over 30, having also recorded a 26% increase in 2022 compared to the employment average in 2021. At the beginning of 2023, Selectra recalls that it has already opened new positions, with ” the goal of hiring about 10 new collaborators a month”, including Inbound commercial consultants, but also HR, Marketing, Tech specialists.

“Selectra has therefore become a point of reference in the energy sector, above all in a historic moment in which the prices of raw materials and energy weigh on consumers’ bills” because “thanks to proprietary algorithms, and telephone or chat consultancy services or mail, allows consumers to compare offers from light, gas and internet on the market and save money” underlines the company.

Precisely with the intention of expanding its services and continuing to offer users increasingly complete consultancy, Selectra acquired its competitor, a horizontal portal dedicated to home users with a strong vocation for sustainability. Not only. The company also announces that it has added new services by opening up to the insurance world with a dedicated portal in which it is possible to evaluate all the motor liability insurance proposals and identify the most suitable and convenient.

And, given the growing environmental sensitivity of consumers – which goes hand in hand with the need to find new solutions to expensive bills – the company announces that it has also launched a section dedicated to photovoltaics, where it is possible to consult guides and insights and above all request estimates for the installation of photovoltaic systems of all types and for any type of home.

“We are proud of the results achieved in recent months, particularly turbulent due to the geopolitical situation: in the field of gas and electricity supplies, we believe it was essential for consumers to have a group of experts always available” observe Antoine Arel and Niccolò Carlieri, co- founders of Selectra. “With respect to our work team, we are proud of how we have overcome the difficulties of recent years without ever reducing the quality of our service and moreover by expanding and continuing to invest” they explain.

Finally, looking at the data, Selectra reports that traffic on web portals grew by 82% between 2021 and 2022. “For 2023 – add Arel and Carlieri – we have great news in store, including the opening of a third headquarters, with the intention of supporting more and more consumers, helping them to save money and making them more aware in making the best choices both from an economic, ethical and environmental point of view”.