Energy, Stefani (Haier): “Compared to 10 years ago, improved products must be used correctly”

“Today we are suffering from expensive energy because the consumer is increasingly attentive to consumption and believes that in certain cases they can do without the air conditioner, what we have noticed is that the demand for air conditioners has been lower but above all the use was inferior “. This was stated by Marcomatteo Stefani CEO of Haier AC Italy.

“The important thing we are working on is trying to give ‘pills’ for the correct use of the conditioner– adds Stefani – because in reality the air conditioners today already have a very high efficiency even if only compared to those of 10 years ago, from a technological point of view many improvements have been made “.

“Then it is also important to know that constant maintenance of the filters allows you to save electricity. The company is striving more and more to have high-efficiency products, there is constant research to provide a comfortable environment and at the same time consume less energy “, concludes Stefani.