Energy, Tagliapietra (Bruegel/Cattolica): “Elmed allows Italy to strengthen energy security”

“The most important aspect of the Elmed project is that it allows Italy to strengthen its energy security and at the same time to boost Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the renewable energy sector”. This was stated to Adnkronos by Simone Tagliapietra, senior fellow of the European think tank Bruegel and professor at the Catholic University of Milan, commenting on the EU’s green light for financing a project worth over 300 million euros which will allow the construction of a power line between Tunisia and Italy.

Italy has “the possibility of playing an important role in the Mediterranean region not only on the historical front of natural gas, but also of renewable energies”, underlines Tagliapietra, according to which Elmed is an “important” project especially “in perspective” because in the Mediterranean area, renewables have enormous potential.

“When it comes to electricity production from renewables, the priority for North African countries is domestic consumption considering their strong growth in demand, but it is possible to think that part of it could be exported to Italy and Europe “. Therefore, Tagliapietra continues, “developing this interconnection is an important step in the right direction of greater cooperation”.

On the possibility that the Elmed project, which involved a member state of the EU and one that is not part of it, can be replicated, the Bruegel and Cattolica expert believes that it depends “on how situations evolve. Elmed “It is the most realistic interconnection project, others between Mediterranean countries and Europe are more complex. However, I think there are other possibilities in the Mediterranean to create links between the two shores”.