Energy, with summer time saving 190 million in 2022

The lower cost is equivalent to the electricity needed by 150 thousand families. However, this is a small percentage of the annual consumption of all Italians. The proposal not to switch to solar time is back

Moving the hands one hour ahead saved us a lot of money in seven months. One hundred and ninety million euros not spent on energy starting from the end of March – the manager of the electricity grid Terna tells us -, for a quantity of electricity equal to that used by 150 thousand families. However, this is only 0.13 percent of what is consumed in a year in our country, as if to say: a drop in the bucket even if it is always a lot of money.

Two billion less in 18 years

The savings become more substantial if we go back in time: from 2004 to today, summer time has led to a cut in the bill of two billion euros. There is also another aspect. Less energy also means less pollution and in fact we have avoided releasing 200 thousand tons of carbon dioxide into the environment: to absorb such an amount it takes two million trees.

Solar time all year round?

There is enough to give strength to those who fight against the change to solar time (hands back by sixty minutes) and who now ask the new government (as did the previous one) to leave things as they are at least until 30 November to experience its effects. From Palazzo Chigi there are no signs in this sense.

Freedom of choice in Europe

The last Executive did not rule out the hypothesis, specifying however that the advantages would not be many because the hour that is gained in the evening is lost in the morning. Furthermore, Italy would end up being no longer synchronized with the other countries of the European Union. Now it is like this (apart from time zones) despite the fact that in 2018 it was decided that everyone could go their own way and decide whether, periodically, to put their hand to the clock or not.