Energy, young farmers in crisis: “Without aid, no future”

From the Coldiretti Village in Milan, the difficulties of entrepreneurs under 25

25 percent of the young farmers – according to an analysis by
it has reduced production due to price increases, from diesel to fertilizers to packaging materials. Increases that add up to those of bills, putting the survival of the companies that work the land at risk. This is the case of Valerio Margaria, 25 who raises rabbits and grows fruit and vegetables in Fossano, Piedmont. “In the summer, due to the dear energywe have reduced production, but until now we are trying not to impact too much on the numbers that farming allows us to do “, says the young farmer at Adnkronos. (VIDEO)

“The main problem we have with rabbit feed, which went from 28 to 40 euros per quintal. Significant costs, which are difficult to make up for. Not to mention fertilizers and fertilizers: what we use for the fields has seen the price triple, from 30 to 100 euros per quintal. All this adds up to expensive energy, with costs that are becoming really unsustainable for us “, says Margaria, who for the moment has no intention of closing the company she has owned since 2018, when took over from the parents: “It is our job, our passion and therefore we are trying in every way to move forward, but something must change and there must be concrete help for us too, because otherwise, really, we no longer have future”.

To protest against inflation and dear energy to the Coldiretti Village set up in the Sempione park in Milan there are also those who, very young, the farm has not yet managed to open it, caught between bureaucracy and leavened estimates. His name is William Piantanida Chiesa, not yet 20 years old, and the dream of working the land. “In my family there are no farmers, I am the only one. I have liked the sector since I was a child: I started with gardens and a year ago I took a piece of land to start the activity of agricultural entrepreneur”, he tells the Adnkronos. The project involves the cultivation of vegetables, a greenhouse for mushrooms and the breeding of egg hens in Somma Lombardo, in the province of Varese.

“I really like this sector, but between price increases and bureaucracy, which constantly puts stakes, starting a business from scratch is really difficult”, denounces the 19-year-old, saying that “the estimate for the work I had done a year ago now has doubled and they do not even assure me of delivery times “. The appeal of the budding agricultural entrepreneur to politics, which did not fail to bring his greetings to the three days of Coldiretti Villageit is very clear: “Make our life easy: we young people need real help and fewer setbacks”.

The desire to cultivate the land, on the other hand, is not lacking, if it is true that – according to the Coldiretti-Divulga analysis – in the last year on average 17 new young businesses were born per day, bringing the total number of farms managed to 56 thousand. from under 35. Reality – reports Coldiretti – which have an area that is almost double the average (18.3 hectares against 10.7), a turnover higher than 75% of the average and 50% more employees per company, as well as a greater propensity to innovation, with 24.4% of young people making at least one innovative investment in the three-year period 2018-2020, compared with 9.7% of non-young people.

“The dramatic crisis triggered by the war jeopardizes the future of the most advanced part of Italian agriculture committed to a path of innovation and sustainability to contribute to the food and energy sovereignty of the country”, underlines the leader of the young people of Coldiretti, Veronica Barbati , asking to “support the phenomenon of the return to the land and the ability of Italian agriculture to offer and create employment and professional growth opportunities, which are destined to increase over time”.