Enermanagement 2022, on November 22 in Milan

How to respond to expensive energy through energy management? This is the central focus of the 2022 edition of Enermanagement, the annual Fire conference dedicated to efficient energy management on the consumption and production side to be held on November 22 in Milan, Palazzo delle Stelline.

“Companies must rethink mission, purpose and objectives starting from the vision of the future. A vision that cannot fail to include even radical transformations regarding lifestyles, production methods, logistics, consumer requests and needs – says Dario Di Santo, Director of Fire – Sustainability and use of resources, starting with energy, become strategic in this context, not only from an internal and supply chain point of view, but also with regard to the design of its products and services. In the short term, energy management is the right key to tackle expensive energy, but it must be linked to the necessary transformation of the way of doing business to ensure competitiveness in the years to come. We live in difficult and uncertain times: it is important not to get caught up in fears and anxieties, but by the awareness that by freeing up the capabilities of the human resources of companies it is possible to implement great changes “.

The interventions of the speakers will aim to share good practices, strategies and tools with companies to support them in this period of high energy prices. Energy management solutions will be illustrated aimed at combining the contingency of the moment with the medium and long-term challenges on competitiveness, linked to the mitigation of climate change, security of supply and the various dimensions of sustainability. The conference offers ample space for discussion and networking, as well as a series of institutional interventions, sector experts and market operators.