Eni at Maker Faire Rome inaugurates ‘Eni 2050 Lab’

A space entirely dedicated to research, with which Eni aims to create an “Innovation District”

The tenth edition of Maker Faire Rome-The European Edition has opened in Rome in the Gazometro area, the innovation fair promoted and organized by the Rome Chamber of Commerce with Innova Camera which for the ninth consecutive year has Eni as main partner .

It was an opportunity to open the doors of Eni 2050 Labnew technopole in Building 30 of the Gazometro area. A space entirely dedicated to researchwith which Eni aims to create an open “Innovation District”, through areas dedicated to development and experimentation in the field of new energies, with the participation of other companies, start-ups, universities and research centers.

The presence of Eni in this edition was also distinguished by an immersive installation that reproduces a ‘Tokamak’ and which aims to introduce visitors to magnetic confinement fusion, one of the most innovative technologies of its decarbonization path .

The fusion process is based, in fact, on the union of two light atoms which, by fusing at very high temperatures, generate energy. A clean and virtually inexhaustible energy, not to be confused with fission, and which can be used to produce CO2-free electricity accompanying the energy transition process.