Enit-Unione Pro Loco pact, first tourist network at the start of lesser-known places and inland areas

Small communities: from less known places to prestigious and interconnected areas. Enit signs the protocol with Unpli for a model integrated development of smaller localities and local realities with which the National Tourist Board undertakes with the National Union of Italian Pro Loco to develop a homogeneous territorial tourist network in three years. Territorial articulation as a development model to fight for in synergy. A call for ideas to gather for a tourist Italy at uniform speeds. The 26 Enit offices in the world together with the network of over 6200 Proloco associations constitute a national point of reference together with the associations registered in the Unpli which boasts a total of about 600 thousand members and 300 thousand volunteers since 1962. A commitment to promote the place, for the discovery and protection of local traditions, to improve the quality of life of those who live there, to enhance the products and beauties of the area.

“The process of relaunching the territories of inland and lesser-known areas passes through support for employment and the development of small tourist businesses but also and above all through the creation of atourist offer based on customizable experiences. The signed agreement will facilitate the rebirth of marginal territories by promoting technical, innovative and ecological and digital transition support activities for the involvement of all individual Italian identities. An official control room is therefore opened in Italy for the development of internal areas. With this agreement, an enlightening model is inaugurated that involves all the regions”, he comments Ivana Jelinic, CEO of Enit.

“The protocol is a first step towards a shared strategy for the enhancement of crucial areas for territorial development. An important signal because economic development also means social development of a territory” declared Sandro Pappalardo board member of Enit and representative of the State-Regions Conference. “The actions envisaged by the protocol will amplify the role of the daily activity carried out by the Pro Loco which operate in the field of tourist reception, the promotion of the territories, the protection of the intangible cultural heritage and territorial animation” he explains Antonino La Spina, president of Unpli Aps (Pro Loco Union of Italy).