Enrico Brignano and his wife burst into tears in the broadcast

Enrico Brignano and his wife Flora sing, a moment of great emotion in the studio: they burst into tears in the broadcast

Just a few days ago, exactly on September 17th, the splendid Silvia Toffanin took over the reins of running the new edition of Verissimo and made her debut with the first episode of the new season. Many were the guests in the studio, and among them also Enrico Brignano and its half, Flora Singing.

Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto in tears (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Guests in the studio in the company of the presenter who entertained the audience from home with her afternoon lounge, we witnessed a moment of great emotion that saw the famous couple as protagonists. Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto ended up in tears in front of Silvia Toffanin. What happened? Let’s find out together!

Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto moved in transmission

10 Years of love before joining that Yes, I want it which changed their life and gave their love a whole new shade, consolidating the great bond between the two. Guests at Verissimo in the company of Silvia Toffanin in the first episode of the new television season were Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto.

The beautiful presenter strongly wanted the splendid couple to relive together those that were the highlights of the most romantic day in which they were the undisputed protagonists. On 30 July 2022, Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto became husband and wife. And in order to retrace the most beautiful moments of their day, the couple ended up in a very sweet valley of tears. In front of the magnificent video that collected the most touching words and images that the two saw sealing their union, Flora Singing before ed Enrico Brignano shortly thereafter, they certainly could not hold back tears.

enrico brignano tears
The wedding of Enrico Brignano and Flora Canto (Credits: Mediaset Infinity)

Enrico Brignano himself said he was amazed at the great emotion and emotion felt on that day. Although he certainly said he was excited, he would never have thought of experiencing such strong sensations. “I did not think I was seized by such a strong emotion [..] Getting married like that there, I think it’s something that can’t be said. It can only be proven“Said the beloved TV personality.

And in fact, despite having repeatedly tried to imagine the big day and what it would have been like, the beloved actor was able to say in a loud voice that reality has greatly exceeded expectations. “In my head I had already seen the scene. But the reality has far exceeded my expectation ”. And to move was a sentence that Brignano uttered in the studio: “The meeting with his father was also wonderful. I told him a simple word in his ear: Thank you! I couldn’t say more