Enrico Brignano, who is the mother of the beloved comedian: not everyone knows this very tender background

Who is the mother of the beloved comic actor Enrico Brignano? Perhaps few know this very tender background of the past.

Comedian, actor, host .. Enrico Brignano it is this and much more. A character from the world of entertainment loved by the public. On stage he knows how to bring out the best, capturing the attention and curiosity of the public who never miss a chance to follow him on TV. He is currently busy conducting the show “I would like you only one hour”Broadcast on Rai 2 and which since the first broadcast in 2020 has been a great success. Tonight the last episode of this season will be broadcast, and for the occasion Enrico Brignano will make our evening special by talking to us about love .. Don’t miss it!

Enrico Brignano (Source photo Instagram)

Not just a beloved character in front of the camera. Enrico Brignano is a very special man, father and companion. He believes in true values, those that form bonds that last forever .. But still, he believes in the value of honesty, he believes in the value of humility. All values ​​that have been handed down to him by his family of origin, to which Enrico Brignano has always been very close. In many circumstances, as a guest on various television programs, he has never made secret the very strong bond he has always had with his family. What do we know about the mother of Enrico Brignano? You cannot miss this tender background!

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Enrico Brignano and mother Anna: the tender background told by the actor

His life is full of love and affection. Dad of two beautiful children, Enrico Brignano he found true love next to Flora Canto. With the woman he shares values ​​that were passed on to him by his dear family. Enrico Brignano’s mother is called Anna, and she is a very important figure for him. In several interviews, mom Anna has always expressed very sweet words for her son. Enrico Brignano he has always been a funny guy and a playful one, as he always loved to call him mom Anna. But in an interview with Maurizio Costanzo Show, this time it is Enrico Brignano who talks about his mother and on that occasion he told a tender background.

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mother enrico brignano
The very strong bond between Enrico Brignano and his mother: very tender background (Photo source Instagram)

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In an interview during one of the episodes aired on Canale 5 of the Maurizio Costanzo Show, Enrico Brignano spoke at length of the deep and intense bond that the actor has always had with his family. When he was then just a child, mother Anna called Enrico Brignano “papasciutta” because he has always been and still is a great lover of dry pasta. This tender background of the past, it immediately makes us understand how much childhood memories, how much family ties, are for this fantastic actor, conductor and director and stand-up comedian, essential to anything else in the world.