Enrico Guarneri brings Verga’s ‘La roba’ to the Quirino in Rome

After ‘I Malavoglia’ and ‘Mastro don Gesualdo’, now it’s the turn of ‘La roba’, a story taken from the ‘Novelle Rusticane’, directed by Guglielmo Ferro

The meritorious work of continues Henry Guarneri in bringing to the stage the theatrical versions of novels and short stories of classical Sicilian literature and, in the first place, of John Vergathe great verist writer, from Catania as an actor and director William Ferroson of Turi Ferro. After ‘I reluctantly’ And ‘Mastro don Gesualdo’now it’s time to ‘The stuff’taken from ‘Rustic novels’one hundred years after Verga’s disappearance, on stage until Sunday at Quirino theater in Rome.

We are always within that ‘lost cycle’ who expressed the ‘literary philosophy’ of Giovanni Verga, for whom one cannot improve one’s social position to which fate has linked us and all attempts are destined to failure when not to tragedy, so the only possibility is to remain attached to their land and their ‘stuff’, in fact, according to what was defined as the ‘moral of the oyster’which is saved only by clinging to its rock while the waves of the sea crash against it.

“The losers of Sicily of the late nineteenth century, overwhelmed by the ‘flood of progress’, they can do nothing but survive by clinging to material goods – it is underlined in the director’s notes – The ‘stuff’ in Rod becomes a lifeline for all the derelict of society, for those who fight at the cost of their lives in order not to succumb to the ‘social Darwinism’ of the time. No winner among the protagonists of the novels, only losers. No real hope of redemption but only the crudity of their miserable existence. And no moral judgment aimed at reassuring the reader and today the viewer”.

(Of Enzo Bonaiuto)