Enrico Papi, the conductor with an open heart on the tragic loss

Enrico Papi: “He acts as if he had reached the end of his life”, the conductor with an open heart on the tragic loss

He’s about to return to the small screen to run a brand new show. Enrico Papi is ready to be at the helm of the Big Show, the television program that starting this Friday 8 April 2022 will make its debut on Canale 5 in prime time.

Enrico Papi, the host tells of the bond with his father and the tragic loss of his mother (Credits Instagram)

Although this is a fervent period of novelty from a professional point of view which the conductor says he is ready to meet, unfortunately the same cannot be said of the private sphere. Such a great pain is never ready to face it, live it and go through it because it is something that seems to be too much bigger than us.

Among the guests of Verissimo in the episode aired yesterday not only the beautiful Argentine sisters. Among the guests in the studio by Silvia Toffanin, he also arrived Enrico Papi. The conductor talked about the painful separation and the tragic loss of her mum to which he was very attached. And just retracing the strong bond that the Sarabanda conductor had with his mother, he then goes on to talk about bond with his dad who, two years after the loss, painfully lives in mourning. You are the sweetest words of the conductor, who with an open heart speaks of the very strong bond with his parents.

Enrico Papi, the tragic loss of mother Luciana and the bond with her father

A great and indissoluble bond that each child establishes with their parents. Something that cannot be described, that goes beyond any imagination and that binds us to them for life. The loss of a parent is a wound that can never be bridged, but with which he learns to live by keeping within that bond and the love shared with that dear and fundamental person in our life.

To the microphones of Verissimo, guest Enrico Papi. We talk about the great comeback on TV, but we also retrace the delicate moment that marked the conductor’s private life, the tragic loss of his mother.

There is no day when I don’t think about her“, He says in Verissimo’s study. “Coming home is a very painful moment for me every time. My mother died at home, in her own bedroom. Luckily we were able to bring her back to where she has always lived. Returning to that house where I later grew up is a bit terrible, because I remember all of those moments”- says Enrico Papi who lets himself go to the memory of some moments of when he was just a child. The TV presenter talks about how he felt pampered by his mother and how he felt ‘protected’ in her arms even when he was an adult, ready to open the door to his house and start his life, he knew that his mother would do the possible to always have him there by his side.

enrico papi tragic loss
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His parents were a pillar in his life. And as for the relationship with his father, the conductor makes it known that he certainly has a very different personality, more ‘inclined’ to the maternal character. Dad, on the other hand, is: “Thoughtful and less impulsive,” says the host.

And when asked by the presenter about how dad Samuele is after the loss of the love of his life, Papi says: “They were a bit of a single person. I think that at this moment he sees a little bit of the end of his existence because he was one person with another who is no longer there.