Entrepreneur attacks Tonka Tomicic and Parived: “they invited me to point the finger at me while they stole luxury watches”

Tonka Tomicic and Parived They are in the media and public eye due to the scandal that links them to a police investigation in the case of stolen watches, which has been widely covered by the national press and which has meant a clear deterioration in the image of the former host of Bienvenidos de Channel 13.

It was in that same program that the gastronomic entrepreneur appeared in 2017 Matias Leiva who was affected by the judgment of the program and the cheerleader. The same program pointed the finger at him in 2018 and that report is the one that came to light today.

Years later and under the contingency of the scandal that surrounds tonka tomicic, and in light of the police records that point to the couple, Leiva came out to comment on the current situation of the model after being beaten on the program. (See chapter here in this LINK)

In a Twitter post, the entrepreneur indicated: “I remember when they invited me on the show to point the finger at me for selling on the street, while #Tonka and #Parivet were stealing luxury watches and there they are in their luxurious apartment laughing at everyone.”

Leiva’s case became known after he appeared on Channel 13’s morning show. On that occasion, the entrepreneur told about his economic disagreements that he was experiencing with his food company called insolence.

After the report his sales improved, but at the same time the eyes on his work increased and the Municipality of Santiago indicated that the man had a millionaire debt (approximately 100 million) for his work in the street trade.

As a result of these accusations, Leiva’s life changed and his business was questioned and his situation was complicated again.

“The municipality was implementing the Fair Trade plan. We applied for permits to be able to work, but the reports began to arrive. We lost the baskets with the bread, but we got up again, and they fined us again and took everything away. We could not enter the center of Santiago. I don’t blame the inspectors, since it is their fault, but I saw how my dream began to disappear “Leiva explained at the time on a daily basis The fourth.

Matías Leiva and his culinary entrepreneurship

Leiva’s story became popular as an example of effort and dedication, and was covered not only by the Welcomebut by many means that saw Leiva’s drive and ability to invent a successful business.

Here is a report from La Tercera in which you can see what the story of La Insolencia is about: