Entrepreneur Borgomeo takes over the Gkn of Florence: “No layoffs”

The entrepreneur Francesco Borgomeo through QF Spa has acquired 100% of the shares of the Gkn plant in Campi Bisenzio, previously in the hands of the English fund Melrose. The company withdraws the liquidation

Qf Spa of the Borgomeo Group has announced that it has acquired 100% of Gkn Driveline Firenze. The company withdraws the liquidation and the appeal against the appeal won by the unions on the old dismissal procedure is withdrawn.

“End of the risk of dismissals”

The first words spoken by President Borgomeo are related to the layoffs – now blocked – and which were on the table of the old property. “Let’s change the strategy”, underlined the entrepreneur – and obviously we also change the name: the new company will be called QF Spa, that is Quattro F – Trust in the Future of the Florence Factory. “I’m four F who explain how I think”

“We start with energy”

Today’s signature, explained Borgomeo “is a milestone that we have achieved thanks to the commitment of many, from the Cardinal of Florence to all the institutions, from the trade unions to my Confindustria association and my consultants. But above all, I thank the workers: they experienced dramatic moments , as can only be those in which one’s destiny is no longer known “. Now, concluded Borgomeo, “we’re off, with the same energy, motivation and optimism with which I faced other dramatic and very difficult crises”.