Epstein: trial against Ghislaine Maxwell for “a predator” accusation

Ghislaine Maxwell has to answer six charges for her role in the trafficking of minors that was headed by Jeffrey Epstein. If found guilty of all charges, the woman, the daughter of a British media magnate, faces up to 80 years in prison. The trial against the woman accused of procuring minors to be sexually exploited by the American billionaire, who committed suicide in prison in 2019, has opened in New York.

The accusations

Lara Pomerantz, the federal prosecutor who plays the role of the prosecution, in the opening statements – as reported by the New York Times – called the 59-year-old a “predator” who “sexually exploited young girls” and developed a relationship of trust with them. to then “help normalize illicit sexual behavior” and “serve” her to her partner. Entering the courtroom handcuffed, wearing a cream sweater and black pants, Maxwell has always professed to be innocent.

The hearing

Lawyers for the woman, who was arrested in July 2020, say Maxwell was indicted only because American authorities were unable to bring Epstein in the face of justice. Lisa Bloom, the lawyer representing nine of the alleged victims, said Epstein could not have abused them without Maxwell’s help. “My clients are hoping that she will be found guilty of all charges and that she will spend the rest of her life in prison,” Bloom told the press before the hearing opened, “they, in a sense, are spending the rest of their lives imprisoned by the damage done to them by Jeffrey Epstein.

The accusers

The late multimillionaire financier had a circle of illustrious friends, including Prince Andrew of England, to whom he allegedly provided very young girls, often minors. Four of the accusers claim that they were plagiarized by Maxwell and then have relations with Epstein in exchange for money. The abuses allegedly took place from 1994 to 2004. Two of the alleged victims claimed they were only 14 and 15 years old when they ended up in the American tycoon’s net.